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Find Out Why Reading Food Ingredient Labels Can Change Your Life

It amazes me when people say to me that they don’t really read food ingredient labels. That they don’t care about what is specifically in the foods they are choosing to buy and eat.

If a food item looks like it might taste good or the marketing sounds good, is that enough information for you to spend your money and then put that food item into your body? russian food store

Unfortunately for many people that’s how they decide what to eat. In fact I hear people say “don’t read the label so you don’t have to know what’s in the food item”. It’s no wonder there is so much illness and disease in the American population.

The processed food industry is constantly pushing back against any attempts to label foods with more details, like for example whether foods are genetically modified. There is very little required labeling about known negative health consequences, while claims of health benefits are allowed without complete data or track records. Often only to find out later that the food item causes cancer or other side effects.

Why should we read the ingredient labels?

Above all we should care about what chemicals, additives and synthetic compounds are added into the food items we choose to eat. We may want to know how much sugar, salt or fat has been added. We may want to know how the food item was grown (conventionally or organically). If we have food sensitivity issues we want to know for instance if it contains gluten or some other compound that we are allergic to.

I stay clear of any food item that has a long list of ingredients, especially if I have no idea what they are and can’t even pronounce the name of the ingredient.

Healthy foods are simple foods, they usually have just a few ingredients.

Most of the long list of ingredients in highly processed food items are added in to insure shelf life. To add color or make a food item look like it would taste good. Most of these foods are also constructed to deliver the three tastes that mainstream America has been brain washed to want. Fat, sugar and salt. Often these three tastes are delivered through synthetic chemicals that simulate these tastes. Like high fructose corn syrup for sugar, trans fats and chemically processed salts or sodium products.

The reason why reading labels can change your life or even save your life is simple. If you care about your health and you know that your health is directly tied to what goes into your mouth, then you will want to know exactly what the ingredients are in any food you are considering eating.

We can see quite clearly if we choose to do a little homework, that just because the FDA (federal department of agriculture) allows a company to include a specific ingredient into a food does not mean it is safe for our health. I am sad to have to say that the processed food industry has a huge influence over the FDA and dictates a lot about what is allowed to be added to food. The processed food industry has a powerful lobby and they get what they what when it comes to allowing un healthy ingredients in food items.

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