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My Top 3 Favorite Las Vegas Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon

Vegas is the ideal starting point for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. It only takes an hour to get to the West Rim from Vegas, and because the tours are so popular, there is a wide choice in tour packages available. To help you choose one of the best tours, I’ll list my top three favorites below. TrekupIndia brahmatal

About Helicopter Tours Of The South Rim

At this time, all helicopter flights out of Vegas go to the West Rim, so if you want to tour the South Rim, you’ll want to keep that in mind. The way around this is to book a tour that comes with a one hour airplane flight to the small airport in Arizona where the helicopter tours of the South Rim depart.

Also, if you want to take a helicopter tour where the aircraft sets down inside the Canyon, you’ll have to do that at the West Rim. The option to land is why the Vegas to West Rim flights are in such demand. Helicopters aren’t permitted to land at the South Rim, but you can still take a ground tour by adding on a Jeep ride through the Canyon or hiking the scenic trails.

With those important points out of the way, we can take a look at my recommended three tours of the Canyon.

Tour #1 Picnic And Champagne Toast

This is one of the most popular tours available, and it is highly recommended. This tour departs Vegas and heads for the West Rim following a flight path that gives you an amazing bird’s eye view of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead along the way. When you get to the Canyon, your helicopter makes an exciting descent flight to the bottom of the Canyon where you are treated to a Champagne picnic. The picnic is by the Colorado River where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river and colorful rock walls of the Canyon.

Tour #2 Helicopter Flight With River Float Upgrade

This tour is an excellent way to see the Canyon. First, your helicopter gives you an aerial view of the West Rim, and then it makes the descent to the Canyon floor. You are given some time to explore the area on foot before you are taken to the starting point of the river tour. The river tour covers 13 miles of the Colorado River beginning at the Hoover Dam. If you have time for this extended tour, it is a great way to see the Canyon from a unique perspective.

Tour #3 Land On Top Of The Rim And On The Canyon Floor

The tour helicopters can land on top of the rim as well as on the bottom. You can even book an amazing tour that lets you land on top of the rim as well as on the bottom so you can see both areas of the Canyon. Besides being where the Skywalk is located, the top of the rim also has some scenic walking trails and lookout points to visit. The Skywalk is the main attraction however. It is a huge structure made of glass and steel that provides the most outstanding views as you walk on the transparent floor 4000 feet above the bottom of the Canyon and 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim. It is definitely something you want to experience if you land on top of the rim.

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