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Rent Car Munich Or Not?

Benefits Of Car Hire

Having your own car while visiting Munich certainly gives you freedom and pace tailored by your needs and priorities. If tight on time having your own transportation helps to save your time immensely. rent a car in ajman

Best Area To Stay With Rent Car Munich

A good and safe area to stay with lots of free parking options is Garching which is the final stop for U6 Ubahn. This location is also good starting point for trips outside the city for it’s closeness to highway. Whenever you don’t want to travel by car and wish to go to the centre, drive to the U6 station, there is free parking space and continue with train.

Individual Trips Around Munich Area

Rent car Munich is useful if you decide to take a trip to:

  • Chiemsee – also called the Bavarian Sea is popular area for enjoying the nature and water related activities. It can be reached by car with the A8 Munich-Salzburg highway.
  • Lake Starnberg – only 27 km south of the Munich is the closest lake to the city
  • Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen – from Munich take the Autobahn A 96, leave at Landsberg Ost and follow the B 17
  • Dachau – Concentration Camp Memorial Site is 16 km NW of Munich. Site is also accessible withS-2 train from Munich runs to the center of town although takes longer to get there.

Before deciding whether rent car Munich or not, you have to know what you want from visit. If you intend to stay around city centre you will be okay with public transport. But, if you want to see the surroundings and places nearby then an answer to hire a vehicle or not is definite yes.

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